Sneak peek: Disney's 'Avatar — World of Pandora' opens this weekend

(CNN)James Cameron’s “Avatar” was a game-changer for me. Its bioluminescent alien world unfolded around the audience with an immersive 3-D I hadn’t thought possible, even as a lifelong cinephile. As the credits rolled, I walked out of the theater eight years ago in a giddy haze, determined see it again as soon as possible. I got to relive that feeling ...

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A Bermuda triangle: Where to eat, stay and play

Hamilton, Bermuda (CNN)The 35th America’s Cup sailing competition begins on May 26 and runs through June 27, and it’s Bermuda’s moment in the sun, though Bermuda is almost always sunny. One step on this island, and it’s impossible not to be moved by its beauty, history, simplicity and charm. Bermuda is a fish hook-shaped 20.6-square-mile subtropical island in the middle ...

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Meet the Philippine tarsier: World's second-smallest primate

(CNN)With its teeny tiny body, bat-like ears and bug eyes, the Philippine tarsier might be the most peculiar primate on earth. It’s also the second-smallest, weighing just three to five ounces and measuring up to six inches long. Just how tiny is that? About the size of an adult palm. Native to the southeastern Philippines, the 45-million-year-old species faces a ...

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Escape from Cannes: French island retreats

Cannes, France (CNN)Cannes may not spring to mind when seeking a restorative retreat, walks among ancient forests or a spot of bird-watching. But a 15-minute ferry ride from the splashy Riviera resort drops you at the tranquil Îles de Lérins, twin emerald islands where all the pleasures of the great outdoors await. Along with unspoiled nature and hidden beaches, you ...

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Dark 'n' Stormy: The history of Bermuda's unofficial drink

(CNN)This summer, the top sailors and fastest ships from around the world will convene on the fishhook-shaped island of Bermuda to compete in the 35th America’s Cup. From May 26 through June 27, multi-million-dollar yachts will race through Bermuda’s cerulean Great Sound, an event culminating in the savagely competitive final duel between a challenger and the defender, Oracle Team USA. ...

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Experts' tips for choosing the safest sunscreen

Story highlights 73% of sunscreens don’t work as advertised or contain “worrisome” ingredients, report says “Sunscreens are really mismarketed,” one scientist says (CNN)Throughout the summer, consumers struggle with how to best protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. But which products are the safest? A new report released Tuesday by the Environmental Working Group claims that 73% ...

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