'People were upset but I'm not—I think there will be something coming,' says Terry Crews on Doomfist and Blizzard

In an exclusive interview with PC Gamer, Hollywood actor-turned-PC gaming enthusiast Terry Crews discussed the origins of his hobby, his love for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and where he sees virtual reality in years to come.  Crews’ likeness will feature in Microsoft and Sumo Digital’s incoming open world action adventure ’em up Crackdown 3, but, despite faux auditions and a sizeable amount ...

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The End is Nigh is a stranger and more surprising Super Meat Boy

The last thing I expected from The End is Nigh, Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen’s latest game in the controller-busting platformer genre, was for it to suddenly open up into an exploration adventure with forking paths and curious characters.  You play as Ash, a sentient ball of guess-what and one of the only survivors of a nondescript apocalyptic event. ...

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Killing Floor 2's enemies are literally floating away

One of the things I like most about Killing Floor 2 is the way it mixes absurdity with graphic violence. This week’s Weekly Outbreak—essentially a temporary mutator—goes all-in on gore and humor. Earlier in the summer KF2 added a , and now we continue to see Tripwire play with physics in “Up, Up and Decay,” where shooting and slashing zeds ...

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The Colonists is a settlement sim inspired by Anno and The Settlers, due next month

Frozen Cortex developer and Tokyo 42 publisher Mode 7 Games has announced The Colonists—a settlement building game that echoes the likes of Anno and The Settlers. Developed by Codebyfire, Richard Wallis’ one-person Bristol-based studio, the civilisation-crafter will launch into Steam’s Early Access initiative in August.  Across a single-player campaign, a free-play mode, competitive multiplayer and co-op, players take control of ...

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