Destiny 2 beta confirms weapon and armor mods

With the PS4 beta for Destiny 2 going live today, we now have confirmation that weapon and armor items will be getting mods for both stats and shaders. In the first game most loot came with prepackaged perks and attributes which were selected from a pool of possibilities by an invisible dice roll. For the sequel, we know that RNG ...

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New Super Mario 64 ROM hack introduces a level editor

While level editors are hardly a new phenomenon, the release of Mario Maker for Wii U in 2015 did seem to trigger a wave of fan-built editors. We’ve seen a classic Zelda Maker (RIP), a Mega Man Maker, and now, a level editor for Super Mario 64. It’s not as straightforward as the others: it’s a ROM hack, which means ...

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Titanfall 2 is getting a cooperative horde mode next week

Titanfall 2 is getting its first cooperative mode next week as part of the Operation Frontier Shield update – which is free, as are all of the game’s updates. The new mode is called Frontier Defense, and it pits up to four cooperative players against five waves of “increasingly difficult enemies”. Slaying enemies nets you cash, which can be spent ...

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Playerunknown bans popular PUBG streamer, warns that words have consequences

The world of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds saw a spot of drama recently when a streamer who goes by the name of Dr. DisRespect, described by Waypoint as “one of the game’s most popular streamers,” found himself banned after intentionally killing a teammate. It was played for laughs—the whole thing happened because there wasn’t enough room to pile four players onto a ...

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Why Killing Floor 2's animations rule in 12 gunslinging GIFs

Image via thecakeisaliegaming Killing Floor 2’s Zed Time is what I imagine it’s like to get opera. Time slows to a crawl and your existence becomes pure sensation. You’re crying, you don’t know why you’re crying, and then you’re laughing, and you experience the spectrum of human emotion in an instant as your vision becomes nothing but light and an ...

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