Just Cause 3's multiplayer mod launches on Steam this month

Just Cause 2’s most enduring feature was undoubtedly its delightfully chaotic fan-made multiplayer mod. And now, after a year of development, Just Cause 3 players are poised to enjoy the same mayhem with the launch of its very own multiplayer mod on July 20.  Though early builds have been available since last year, this month will see it hit 1.0 ...

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Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics open beta is live now

Smite Tactics, now known as Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics, has hit open beta. The god vs. god CCG will be free-to-play, and you can start sending your minions into the fray right now.  Hand of the Gods is part turn-based tactics, part CCG, with gods and mythological beasties duking it out in an arena, while spells, abilities and ...

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Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was , but with The Witcher 3, its expansions, and Gwent at the top of the order since then, we’ve only heard scraps about CD Projekt RED’s next open world RPG. All combined, though, the past five years of interview snippets and trailers paint Cyberpunk 2077 as a behemoth of a game, even bigger that The Witcher 3 ...

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Black Desert Online cools off with the Terrmian Waterpark event

It’s warm and sunny—not here, of course, because I live in Scotland—so that means it’s time to strip off and hit the nearest beach or waterpark. If that sounds like a nightmare, you could always just stay inside and experience the joys of a digital waterpark during Black Desert Online’s summer event.  Black Desert Online sort of looks like your ...

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